How To Treat A Yeast Infection Naturally – 7 Easy Remedies

How To Treat A Yeast Infection NaturallyFor people dealing with impaired immune function or with recurrent episodes of yeast infection, finding a long-term solution to how to treat a yeast infection naturally is often a time-consuming and frustrating task, as lots of the products recommended for this disease fail in keeping the infections away in the long run.

However, if one addresses the root cause of this health issue, preventing yeast infections becomes a lot easier. So if you’re among those women or men wondering how to stop a yeast infection fast, take the time to read the recommendations below!

How To Treat A Yeast Infection Naturally With Licorice

Licorice is often used by women when douching, 1 teaspoon of powder obtained from this plant being mixed with water and used daily until the infection disappears. Licorice shouldn’t be used internally and one should avoid douching several times a day as this can seriously alter the bacterial balance inside the vagina.

As known, both bad and good bacteria exist inside the reproductive tract so as long as the balance is maintained, yeast infections are less likely to appear. However, note that douching is not always recommended to women with a rather acidic body as licorice can increase acidity. So this remedy is better for women with an alkaline pH of the reproductive tract.

How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection Fast Using Baking Soda

Another solution to how to treat a yeast infection naturally is baking soda, used for centuries as a panacea for numerous health conditions. This remedy should be applied directly inside the vagina for healing infections caused by yeast or can be taken internally, in this case the product being mixed with water.

If the yeast infection affected the mouth area as well, you can use baking soda for preparing a paste which will be used daily instead of toothpaste. The active ingredients in this product will leave the teeth clean just like toothpaste, but will also fight against the harmful pathogens responsible for the infection.

After you clean the oral cavity with this paste, rinse with a solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. You can also use this ingredient when douching, for vaginal yeast infections.

How To Cure A Yeast Infection At Home With Probiotics

Probiotics are good microorganisms that live inside the digestive and reproductive tract, maintaining the balance and preventing the occurrence of infectious processes. When one develops a yeast infection, the number of bad bacteria is usually greater than the number of good or friendly microorganisms, such as lactobacillus. So in order to keep yeast infections away, one should use products containing probiotics.

Lots of yogurts contain these friendly bacteria, but probiotics are available as pills as well, for those who aren’t really into dairy products. By taking probiotics regularly, one can restore the natural flora inside the mouth, digestive tract and vagina, relieving the symptoms of yeast infections and keeping recurrent episodes under control.

How To Treat Recurring Yeast Infections With Goldenseal

Goldenseal or Hydrastis canadensis as this plant is scientifically called is a great remedy for yeast infections as it contains berberine, an active ingredient that acts as a strong immunity enhancer as well as a natural antibacterial agent.

By boosting immunity, this ingredient helps the body destroy the harmful microorganisms responsible for the occurrence of the infectious process. Berberine is known to be particularly effective against Candida albicans and can be found in forms for oral administration and for vaginal administration as well.

Quite similar to Goldenseal is Oregon grape root, which is also very rich in berberis and proven to be efficient in destroying the pathogens that contribute to yeast infections.

How To Stop A Yeast Infection Using Zinc Supplements

Zinc supplements are generally known for their immunity enhancing properties so people who often develop infections processes are recommended to consume foods rich in zinc as often as possible.

Still, this mineral isn’t always absorbed in high enough amounts inside the digestive tract so sometimes supplementing the intake is the best solution for keeping yeast infections away. Thus, if you’re among those women or men wondering how to treat a yeast infection naturally, add some zinc supplements to your daily menu.

The mineral plays a huge role not only in immunity but also in controlling the levels of other minerals in the blood stream or plasma, keeping the body healthy and less prone to ailments.

Cure Yeast Infection At Home With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera isn’t a specific yeast infection natural treatment but it can be successfully used to cure yeast infection at home, as it has the ability of reducing tissue inflammation when applied topically, on the affected skin areas.

Also, aloe vera is very effective in cooling, soothing and relieving itching and discomfort caused by yeast infections. You can get aloe vera gels or creams from over-the-counter stores or you can simply cut some small pieces from the plant’s leaves and apply the juice directly on the skin, several times a day.

Unlike other topical solutions to how to get read of a yeast infection fast, aloe vera can also be used internally, the product being available as supplements or edible gel as well. In this case aloe vera can be used for curing yeast infections of the mouth.

How To Treat Yeast Infections By Avoiding Refined Carbs

Last on our list of natural solutions to how to cure a yeast infection at home is the recommendation to reduce the intake of refined carbs or to completely avoid these if possible. As you probably know, carbohydrates are bad when consumed excessively as they’re transformed into sugar once reaching inside the digestive tract.

Unless this sugar is consumed for immediate energy needs, it’s stored in fat cells or remains in the blood stream until the body needs other energy sources. The sugar that remains in the blood stream feeds Candida and other harmful microorganisms, favoring the occurrence of yeast infections.

Therefore, a quick and easy to apply solution to those looking into how to treat yeast infections at home is avoiding refined carbs, such as those in pastries, cookies, pasta, canned fruits and veggies, donuts, cakes or other sweets, as well as those in sweet beverages and soft drinks.

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